Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween over the years

Annabelle's not a huge fan of Halloween


Neither was Harley


Happy Halloween, everyone!

Friday, October 29, 2021

Birthday Wish list


I have a birthday coming up fairly soon.

Donald always very sweetly asks what I might want, or where I might want to go.

Usually we will go out for dinner, occasionally we might take a trip.

It used to be that I would ask for jewelry, but I now feel as though I have a gracious plenty.  As much as I love pretty sparkly things, a gal can reach a limit.  That's not to say I'm not still tempted . . .

Pearls are always nice . . . 

Last year's birthday was a stay at home day.  Just like for most every one else.

Birthdays during COVID lack a little oomph, don't they?

And there's the fact that my birthday sometimes falls on Thanksgiving Day and the celebratory meal is going to be turkey. 



Man, I am ready this year.  I'm busy making a list worthy of those old "Dear Santa" letters.

When asked "Honey, what would you like for your birthday?" I have a whole huge laundry load of wants.  😊 😉😉 (notice - that's a wink wink and all this is in pure fun.)

Flowers, of course -

Peonies by choice . . . 

Masses and masses (and masses) of peonies 

Candy -

Cake -
(with 73 candles, pretty please)

Ice cream -

Crab Cakes, pretty please - 
(No candles necessary)

Mimosas -

and Macarons -

What is a birthday without a new bottle of perfume?! -

And a Paris apartment -
This one looks cozy

Actually, and honestly, Donald Barley Honey,  if you're reading this - let's skip all these things and start saving our pennies for a return trip to Paris.  Maybe even next year.  Or the next . . .  

I look forward to having coffee in the mornings at The St. Regis.  

With my best guy.


In the meantime, having coffee with you right here in Meat Camp suits me to a "T." 

Happy Birthday to me.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Poetry. Not the same as it once was



Today has been a day for me to read poetry.  Some days I do that.  And invariably I will run across some old favorites I've forgotten, or I will run across a poem or a poet I'm not familiar with.  Today this poem I was not familiar with popped up.  And it spoke to me.

Those who believe there aren't any modern poets; that the only poets are those guys whose work you read when you were a young kid in school being forced to memorize a poem to deliver in front of your class are missing out on what's being given to us these days.  

Enjoy this "not your typical old poem" and allow yourself to be surprised -  

French Chocolates

by Ellen Bass

If you have your health, you have everything

is something that's said to cheer you up

when you come home early and find your lover

arched over a stranger in a scarlet thong.

Or it could be you lose your job at Happy Nails

because you can't stop smudging the stars

on those ten teeny American flags.

I don't begrudge you your extravagant vitality.

May it blossom like a cherry tree. May the petals

of your cardiovascular excellence

and the accordion polka of your lungs

sweeten the mornings of your loneliness.

But for the ill, for you with nerves that fire

like a rusted-out burner on an old barbecue,

with bones brittle as spun sugar,

with a migraine hammering like a blacksmith

in the flaming forge of your skull,

may you be spared from friends who say,

God doesn't give you more than you can handle

and ask what gifts being sick has brought you.

May they just keep their mouths shut

and give you French chocolates and daffodils

and maybe a small, original Matisse,

say, Open Window, Collioure, so you can look out

at the boats floating on the dappled pink water.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

State of Terror by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny

While I love reading and discussing books I tend to stay away from reviewing them because a decent review is just beyond me.  I get stuck at "I love this book." 😕

But here's my most recent effort . . .

The one book I read recently that I wasn’t too sure about ended up being a big surprise and will be on my list of favorites for 2021.

State of Terror by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny.

Political Thrillers are not in my “go to” zone. Not since those wonderful cold war spy novels back in the day; I still love those.

State of Terror may make a few heads explode. It is, of course, timely and leans exactly as you expect it to lean. It also reminds me of exactly why I fell in love with Louise Penny’s work in the first place. It’s all there. Heart. Soul. Her ability to see into the heart of what’s evil and deliver in perfect phrasing the terror. And, to ultimately find the decency that fights to keep the civilized separated from the monsters.

Ms. Penny and Secretary Clinton give us characters to love, to cheer for.

Woe be to the fools who underestimate smart, strong women.

There ‘s the signature/classic subtle Penny humor that might surprise you into a snicker, a giggle, or a guffaw spraying coffee into your book. There are scenes to make you cry. And there are visits to Three Pines to restore our souls.

Instead of being put off by the hype, I suggest giving it a try.

And don’t be surprised if we see a State of Terror #2.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

What I've read and what's next

Simply put, I think M.j. Rose rocks.

Receiving an advance copy of her newest novel, The Fashion Orphans, (co-written with Randy Susan Meyers), made me a happy girl.