Sunday, December 31, 2023

Word for 2024




Data from Oxford Languages
moratorium (noun) · moratoria (plural noun) · moratoriums (plural noun)
  1. a temporary prohibition of an activity

*  *  *

 I don't think I chose a word last year, but it probably would have been a word expressing positive action on my part.

I'm thinking this year's word is one of positive action via inaction on my part.  

Particularly in the area of spending.  

And more particularly in the area of spending when it comes to clothes.

No New Clothes in 2024

I mean it.

And i will hold myself accountable by admitting publicly if I break my 2024 word.  Oh, the shame of it . . .

Cross your fingers for me!!!!

Believe me when I say there will be no suffering caused, to anyone, by this proposed promised (Lord, help me) action of non-action.  There may be a few favorite on-line shopping sites that will miss me, but it's doubtful they will suffer.

(Caveat:  UNLESS I find a replacement for my lost hat ! ! !
I miss my hat 😶 )

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Books I Read in 2023


Here's my annual "Books I Read This Year" post.

Along with some reading related artwork.


  • The Magical Summer of Miranda Stone by A.D. Brazeau 
  • The Queen of Dirt Island by Donal Ryan
  • What Never Happened A Thriller by Rachel Howzell Hall
  • Our Place on the Island by Erika Montgomery 
  • Looking for Clara by Simona Grossi
  • A Boat on the Ocean by Simona Grossi
  • The Little Red French Door by Simona Grossi
  • Take the Long Way Home by Rochelle Alers 
  • Wedding of the Season by Lauren Edmondson
  • Standing in the Shadows by Peter Robinson
  • The Block Party by Jamie Day
  • Sally Brady's Italian Adventure by Christina Lynch 
  • The Second Ending by Michelle Hoffman 
  • My Magnolia Summer by Victoria Benton Frank
  • All the Days of Summer by Nancy Thayer 
  • The Minuscule Mansion of Myra Malone by Audrey Burges 
  • Prom Mom by Laura Lippman 
  • I Will Find You by Harlan Coben
  • In a Hard Wind A McKenzie Novel by David Housewright 
  • Identity by Nora Roberts 
  • The Spectacular by Fiona Davis 
  • The Dark Edge of Night by Mark Pryor
  • The Friday Night Club by Sofia Lundberg, Alyson Richman and M. J. Rose 
  • Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus 
  • The Five-Star Weekend by Elin Hilderbrand 
  • The Bones of the Story by Carol Goodman
  • Emma of 83rd Street by Audrey Bellezza and Emily Harding 
  • The Paris Mystery by Kirsty Manning 
  • Elsie de Wolfe's Paris: Frivolity Before the Storm by Charlie Scheips
  • The Little Village of Book Lovers by Nina George
  • The Heirloom Inn by Olivia Miles
  • The Love Scribe by Amy Meyerson 
  • Time's Undoing by Cheryl A. Head
  • Justice Is Served A Tale of Scallops, the Law, and Cooking for RBG by Leslie Karst 
  • China by Edward Rutherfurd 
  • The Bird Hotel by Joyce Maynard 
  • The Darlings by Hannah McKinnon
  • From Dust to Stardust by Kathleen Rooney 
  • Summer Roommates by Holly Chamberlin
  • An American Beauty by Shana Abe 
  • The House of Eve by Sadeqa Johnson
  • House of Clouds by K. L. Gleeson
  • The River Runs South by Audrey Ingram 
  • A Likely Story by Leigh McMullan Abramson 
  • The Thing About Home by Rhonda McKnight 
  • All the Leaves Are Brown How the Mamas & the Papas Came Together and Broke Apart by Scott G. Shea 
  • All That Is Mine I Carry With Me by William Landay 
  • A Killing of Innocents by Deborah Crombie 
  • What Became of Magic by Paige Crutcher
  • Halfway to You by Jennifer Gold 
  • A Paris Odyssey by Axel Forrester 
  • At the Coffee Shop of Curiosities by Heather Webber 
  • Sleepless City by Reed Farrel Coleman 
  • Fascism: A Warning by Madeleine Albright 
  • Homecoming by Kate Morton 
  • The Secret of FBI File 100-3-116 by Mark de Castrique 
  • Émilienne A Novel of Belle Epoque Paris by Pamela Binnings Ewen 
  • The Truth Against the World by David Corbett 
  • The Summer of Fall by Laura Lippman 
  • The Book of Delights, Essays by Ross Gay 
  • The Beach House by Jane Green 
  • The Measure of Silence by Elizabeth Langston 
  • Silence of the Seamaid by Ann Medlock 
  • Bright Lights, Big Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews 
  • Summer on the French Riviera by Jennifer Bohnet
  • Small Mercies by Dennis Lehane 
  • We Are Family by Beth Moran
  • The Beginning of Everything by Jackie Fraser 
  • Deliver Me from Nowhere by Warren Zanes 
  • Wildwood Magic by Willa Reece 
  • The Engagement Party by Finley Turner
  • The Fiction Writer by Jillian Cantor
  • The River We Remember by William Kent Krueger 
  • Day by Michael Cunningham
  • The Tiffany Girls by Shelley Noble 
  • The Chateau by Jaclyn Goldis 
  • California Golden by Melanie Benjamin
  • Those We Thought We Knew by David Joy 
  • All the Sinners Bleed by S. A. Cosby 
  • Lost Hours by Paige Shelton
  • Thirty Days in Paris by Veronica Henry 
  • The Awakening by Nora Roberts (re-read)
  • The Becoming by Nora Roberts (re-read)
  • The Choice by Nora Roberts (re-read)
  • Inheritance by Nora Roberts 
  • The Heiress by Rachel Hawkins 
  • Christmas Presents by Lisa Unger
  • Who to Believe by Edwin Hill 
  • Diva by Daisy Goodwin 
  • The Unmaking of June Farrow by Adrienne Young
  • The Lost Bookshop by Evie Woods 
  • The Still Point by Tammy Greenwood 
  • Brothers and Sisters by Alan Paul 
  • Summer on Sag Harbor by Sunny Hostin 
  • The Life She Wanted by Anita Abriel
  • A December to Remember by Jenny Bayliss 
  • I Am Ayah by Donna Hill 
  • Yes, Chef by Waitlyn Andrews 
  • Snowed in for Christmas by Jacqueline Snowe
  • Windfallen by JoJo Moyes 
  • Light on Bone by Kathryn Lasky 
  • The Trouble with You by Ellen Feldman 
  • Windfall by Wendy Corsi Staub
  • High Tides and Summer Skies by Jennifer Bohnet
  • Call the Canaries Home by Laura Barrow
  • The Women by Kristin Hannah 
  • The Magic All Around by Jennifer Moorman 
  • Fall by Tracy Clark 
  • Where Butterflies Wander by Suzanne Redfearn 
  • The Lioness of Boston by Emily Franklin 
  • A Slice of Courage Quiche by Jennifer Moorman
  • An Upper West Side Story by Rachel Cullen
  • The Starfish Sisters by Barbara O'Neal
  • Redwood Court by DeLana R. A. Dameron
  • The Heirloom by Jessie Rosen
  • One Christmas Eve by Shari Low 
  • The Masters by Jann S. Wenner 
  • The Mystery Writer by Sulari Gentill
  • Winter in New York by Josie Silver 
  • One Night on the Island by Josie Silver 
  • A Hitch in Time by Christopher Hitchens 
  • Escape to Starshine Cove by Debbie Johnson 
  • Wellness by Nathan Hill
  • The Weekend Retreat by Tara Laskowski
  • Expiration Dates by Rebecca Serle
  • The Guest by B. A. Paris
  • Goodbye Earl by Leesa Cross-Smith 
  • Don't Forget to Write by Sara Goodman Confino 
  • Fleetwood Mac: Everywhere by Mike Evans
  • Payback in Death by J. D. Robb 
  • The Paris Novel by Ruth Reichl 
  • Take Me Home by Beth Moran
  • A Love Song for Ricki Wilde by Tia Williams 
  • The Beautiful People by Michelle Gable
  • The Hunter by Tana French
  • After Annie by Anna Quindlen 
  • The Memory of Lavender and Sage by Aimie K. Runyan 
  • John Lewis by Raymond Arsenault 
  • Now Lila Knows by Elizabeth Nunez
  • The Philadelphia Heiress by Anita Abriel
  • One Wrong Word by Hank Phillippi Ryan 
  • The Collector by Nora Roberts 
  • The Lantern's Dance by Laurie R. King 
  • Secrets of Starshine Cove by Debbie Johnson 
  • Christmas with the Lords by Hannah Langdon 
  • My Name is Barbra by Barbra Streisand
  • A Murder Most French by Colleen Cambridge
  • The Christmas Postcards by Karen Swan 
  • Silent Girl by M. L. Rose
  • The Last Caretaker by Jessica Strawser
  • The Summer Swap by Sarah Morgan