Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Paris - Our Christmas in France comes to a close


Several months ago I won a mini photo shoot which was being given away as a joint gift by Katie Donnelly Photography of Paris and Rebecca Plotnick of Everyday Parisian.

I was able to schedule our session when I knew we would be in Paris, and it worked out perfectly.

I could not have been happier, and the photos are even more special than I had hoped.

After a coffee at a tiny cafe, we met up with Zoe, the photographer, at the beautiful Place Vendome.

The Ritz Christmas Tree

After our photo session, we wandered around Tuileries Garden

Walked around The Louvre

Who knew The Louvre has a dog park?!

Admired the pyramids

Sat with a birdie and had a cup of hot chocolate

And wandered some more.  Wandering is just what you do when you're lucky enough to be in Paris!

If things go as the city of Paris plans, the bouquinistes will all be moved in time for the Summer Olympics.  I'm one of those hoping this doesn't happen.  The bouquinistes are every bit as historically important to Paris as any monument, imo.

It was nice visiting with the teddy bears.

Enjoying surprising spots of beauty

And ending our day shopping in a Paris Harley-Davidson shop.

Life is Good.

I love Paris.  Paris during Christmas was a dream come true.  Also - not a bad way to celebrate my 75th birthday.

Here are the pictures from our photo shoot.

Magical Memories. ❤

Photo taken by Zoe Felix of
Katie Donnelly Photography 
12 rue de l'eperon 
75006 Paris


Lesa said...

Paris Harley-Davidsonf! That made me laugh.

I'm so glad you won that photo shoot. What loving pictures of the two of you. And, after reading your next post, I'm glad it won't be your last trip to Paris. Love, love, love the two of you together.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

LOL! I am wearing my Paris Harley-Davidson teeshirt as we speak! Loving it. And so, so happy with the photos; that was a very fun day.
Love you, Lesa. ❤