Friday, September 30, 2016

how low will the ignorant little man go?

Hillary Clinton is now being crucified and branded an "enabler" by an ignorant little man with a history of adultery.

This goes far beyond politics.

And I find it a little beyond believable that our political system has fallen so far.

I know some of my women friends have lived through having a husband who has cheated.

Whose business is it? 

No one's.

But because Hillary has lived most of her life in the public eye, she doesn't get to say it's no one's business.

It becomes "entertainment" to the masses.


How disgusting and how sad is this?

If you're a woman who is shaming Hillary Clinton for her husband's actions, shaming Hillary Clinton while ignoring the pain she must have lived through, then you're one of the women who should hang your own head in shame.

You disgust me.

Jen's New Photo Friday

Jen's New Photo Friday


new photo friday


The view of the Mississippi from my room at the Marriott 
during Bouchercon 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

R.I.P. Arnold Palmer

Back when I was working at The Trust Company of Georgia in the 70s, a co-worker gave me tickets for Wednesday's ProAm before the Master's Tournament in Augusta. 

My friend Becky and I were walking in the area of the "cottages" like two little country mice come to town. 

A guy pulled up beside us on a golf cart, asked if we were having a nice day, where were we from, were we here for the whole week, etc. 

Becky chatted away. 

Me? I just stood there with my mouth open. After he bid us good day and drove off, Becky said, "what a sweetheart he was!" 

When I could finally talk, I squeaked, "Arnold Palmer." 

Becky: "Nah!!! Was not!" 

Me: "Was." 

and we grinned at one another like the silly girls we were when a legend makes your day.

September 10, 1929 - September 25, 2016, 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Flying Home from New Orleans

I do not like to fly.

I do not like the hassle of the airports.

I do not like the fact that the seats and surrounding personal space has shrunk since the days I worked in the airline industry and loved loved loved to fly.

This trip to and from New Orleans was better than some I've had recently. (If you're not TSA pre-approved, I recommend it. Highly)

Here's a quick recap of my flight home.

Get on the plane, get to my row. 

No one seated, not even across the aisle. 


Open the overhead storage bin. 

There's a bag in there as big as a tank. 



A whole lot bigger than what is "supposed" to be allowed as carry on, and over my row - where I'm the only person.

With one hand on my hip (I was not feeling all that great if you remember), I said, loudly (as loudly as I could considering I didn't have much of a voice), "Really? Someone didn't have room in their own storage bin for this steamtrunk? Really? What the hell?" 

And proceeded to search for a spot to place my laptop.


Then my seatmates show up.

Husband, Wife, Baby.

I'm not a big baby person.

Husband sat next to me, baby in lap.

I tried not to look at the baby 'cause I knew he/she would start screaming the minute I did.


He/she managed to lock eyes with me and gurgled and grinned.

I couldn't help but reach out with a finger to stroke that soft sweet innocent face.

Baby grabbed finger and held on until he (Jonathan) fell asleep about 30 minutes later.

Daddy: "He likes you."

Me: "I like him"

Not a bad flight after all.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bouchercon 2016 - New Orleans, Part 5

This is Bouchercon 2016, Part 5
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Sunday  -  Good Morning, New Orleans!\

FINALLY caught Ruth & Jon for a minute!

I remember meeting these two in Baltimore at another of the best B'cons ever.

And them?

They are the best of the best.

Jordans rock.  always.

Because I had missed so much that I had intended to do, one of the BEST gal pals ever, (that would be you, Kathy Boone Reel) said she'd go wandering with me.

And wander we did.

Into the Hotel Monteleone for a picture of Carousel Bar (which I didn't get to ride.  But.  I'll be back!) 

We spotted this woman, who carried herself like royalty and something about her sense of pride touched me.

And an old saying niggled its way into my head - "There but for the grace of God, go I."

She, truly, was the only thing I saw on that street when I snapped this shot, so it only seemed fair that the photo should show it as I saw it.

As Kathy and I walked and talked, I was just ramdomly shooting shots.  I can't seem to see, or get, enough of this city.

And -
we went to several art galleries.
And we fell in love with SO much . . . 

The architecture is an art of its own

We both wanted to bring this home.

Um, I "think" I mentioned how much we liked chickens . . . 

Kathy took this picture and it comes with its own story.  But it's Kathy's story to tell.

And after all the walking and gallery crawling, we went back to the first gallery we stopped at, Claire Elizabeth Gallery, where I picked up this piece by Frances Rodriguez to take home with me.


And, it was an early night for this chicken.  Turned in early and slept a little later than usual.  My roomie was gone, as were most of the rest of my chickens.  And I was sad.

Instead of my usual early "Good Morning, New Orleans!" picture, the sun was actually all the way up.

I had quiet coffee in my  room, instead of a cup running out the door

and room service.

Eggs Benedict that I forgot to take a picture of!


Then I got a hold of Kathy and she was moving slower than me.

But we caught up with one another and hit the street.

Running into Karen Maslowski on the way.

I love this shot.  Thank you, Kathy!

and we bumped into Darth Vader after breakfast.

and we bought some coffee to take home.

And then, Kathy,, who had been to Jackson Square, more than once, had no interest in joining me for my trek down there, so off I went.  

I was not leaving New Orleans without visiting Jackson Square.

I loved this place!

 HA!  Darth rocks the house!

This made me happy

I hate mimes.

And, THIS is the place I came to see.

I love Louis Sahuc's work.

I brought home two pieces, but I hope to, some day, have more.

The gallery owner was wonderful.

She shared a lot of stories behind the photographs, which only, of course, makes them that much more meaningful.

If you're a fan of photography - do take a look at his webpage.

And if you're in New Orleans, stop by the gallery.

Check out time was quickly approaching, so I had to hustle back to the hotel.

But it didn't stop me from taking a few more pictures along the way.

New Orleans is such a magically perfect blend of the elegant and the tacky - I love every single thing about it.

So now.  Happy to be home, of course, but feeling a little melancholy about leaving New Orleans, having Bouchercon behind us for another year, and not seeing friends that I normally only see once a year at this very special "family renunion."

And we have a little more Bouchercon serendipity.

Looking through Facebook I ran across a photograph taken by my friend M'Lou that seems to capture the spirit that is Bouchercon.  We may no longer be occupying this space, but really, we always will be.  And, also serendipitously, I think, my friend David Magayna wrote words that just seemed to echo what many of us are feeling and which seem to couple perfectly with M'Lou's photo.

With their permission - here they are -

"What a weird feeling, walking through the hotel lobby, just me and a few of the Marriott's exemplary staff.

I could just imagine the ghost's (well. It is New Orleans ) of Boucherconners clinking their glasses, sharing laughs, and making new friends. Even though the lobby bar was deserted, the life it still held was palpable.

For another year, farewell friends."