Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bouchercon 2016 - New Orleans, Part 2

This is Bouchercon, Part 2 --
click here to see Part 1

This kind gentleman was right there to open the door for me on Wednesday when I returned to the hotel from my Voodoo Cemetery Tour (well, 1/2 a tour).

Thankfully, I made it back without incident.  No faint, no face plant, just a bit wobbly.  

I went to my room and rested.  Took a cold shower and a nap.

Then wandered down the street just a ways to the Voodoo Mart & Liquor Store so I could pick up some voodoo dolls.  (I was obviously not too sick to shop).

And a mask.

One of my little dolls is a Voodoo Bitch, one is a Voodoo Sex Goddess and the other just seems to be dragging around a gris-gris bag, maybe trying to decide what she wants to be.  We'll keep an eye on that one.

And my roomie, my friend and sister of the heart, Lesa Holstine finally arrived and we wandered down to the Palace Cafe for dinner.

I had this scrumptious Crabmeat Cheesecake - Pecan crust, mushroom sauté, Creole meunière.​ 


Recipe can be found here.

We both had some gumbo.  Delish!!!

We spotted Kathy Boone Reel as she was on her way out, but tempted her back for a taste of crab.

And Lesa and I went back later that night for dessert.

Her Creme Brulee was exceptional.

The Bananas Foster?  not so much.

And we were joined by David Chaudoir.

The internet has brought some pretty special people into my life. David Chaudoir is one. He attended his very first Bouchercon this week, and I think it was a hit for him. I'm also pretty sure he was a hit with everyone lucky enough to meet him.

And we were joined by Kathy, again, and by Diana Chambers and Terry Shames.

And my friend from Oz, Sarah Byrne

And then.

The Bar

Where we met up with Gigi Pandian

And Kathy (again) and John Purcell

And, M'Lou Greene

And the table grew.

Judy Bobalik found us, as did Maddee James.

And James Ziskin

And David Magayna

It was a fun evening (or, maybe you could tell that?)

and then, by golly, it was Thursday already.

Good Morning, New Orleans!!

And I went to my first Bouchercon 2016 panel.

I loved this panel. "Do You Feel Like I Do?"
Listening to these guys talk "books." Their book collections would have any book lover drooling. Their love for the written word, and respect for books came through loud and clear during the discussion led by Ali. To sit and listen while they shared their knowledge, along with many stories, was a highlight of my week. Treasures, these guys - Bill Gottfried, Marv Lachman, Ali Karim, Art Scott, and David Magayna

Also enjoying it were my pals Annette Dashofy and Lesa

And Annette captured a typical "me" picture when I wasn't paying attention.  Turns out, it's one of my favorite pictures from the convention.

photo by Annette Riggle Dashofy

and after this fun panel we moved on to another fun panel!

And we had the best time


My pal John Purcell supplied the beer (how sweet was that?)

John Thomas Bychowski took the panel pictures (thank you, John!!!!)

and M'lou managed to capture me with my mouth wide open - imagine that!

photo by M'Lou Greene


Carol N Wong said...

Yum, I love gumbo!! It is so good to see pictures of people who I recognize having a great time!

Lesa said...

Kaye! I love the pictures! And, I really love the pictures of you - with the camera & that last one. They're so you! Wonderful, wonderful days. So good to meet David and spend time with him. Great spending all those hours in the bar with people. And, of course, there's my roommate, who couldn't be any better. Love you, my friend!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Carol - Me Too!!! And we did have some very good gumbo, I must say. I'm so glad you're enjoying the pictures. Thank you.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Lesa, I love those two pictures too!
Love you, Lesa - to the moon and back!

Sarah from Canberra said...

It was amazing 'Con - and just as I was thinkibg how much great stuff I got to do, reading blogs all I can see is how much great stuff I also missed! But so glad I got a couple of hugs and a few words with you, Kaye.