Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Orleans Bound

Some smooth sultry tunes to listen to as I'm getting ready for my trip to New Orleans to join some of my favorite people at the Annual World Mystery Convention   -   Bouchercon.

Perfect listening for these last minute, day before I leave, preparations.

As is Maria Muldaur.

LOVE me some Maria Muldaur.


I'm heading out of here early, early, very early, tomorrow morning to hop a plane in Charlotte.

It's take me about as long to drive to Charlotte as it will to fly to New Orleans.

What I would really love to do is just wiggle my nose, click my heels and voilĂ , just be there!

Bouchercon is one of my favorite things, but not exactly Donald's cup of tea.  So, he and Harley will be holding down the home fort.

Even though Harley thinks he "might" want to go, I'm thinking he'll actually be much more comfortable and happy right here at home with his dad.

If you're interested in hearing what's happening in New Orleans over the next several days, and seeing some pictures, just keep your eye on this page.  I'll be checking in fairly often.  

'Course, I'll also be stopping by St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 to pay my respects to Madame Marie Laveau

In the meantime, 

"laissez les bon temps roulez!" 


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