Friday, September 9, 2016

Blood on the Bayou

I've never been a gal who has been considered "cool."

Coolness just doesn't connect with my brain. 

So to try to pretend any level of cool just makes me look ridiculous. 

Instead, I'm that gal who will hoot loudly, squeal at a level that will shatter eardrums and have been known to hop around like a demented rabbit when happy or excited. 


That said.

I'm not going to try to pretend that I'm the teeniest bit blasé about this book.

I cannot wait to have one in my hands.

God help you if you're anywhere around when I finally get to see my story in this collection with some extremely talented writers.

Writers who are cool.

"Do you have your copy of the Bouchercon anthology BLOOD ON THE BAYOU yet? You won't want to miss it--and you'll have the opportunity to get it signed by contributing authors at Bouchercon! You can preorder a paperback copy at the link below, or if you prefer ebooks, it's available for preoder at all the usual stores."

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