Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bouchercon 2016 - New Orleans, Part 5

This is Bouchercon 2016, Part 5
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Sunday  -  Good Morning, New Orleans!\

FINALLY caught Ruth & Jon for a minute!

I remember meeting these two in Baltimore at another of the best B'cons ever.

And them?

They are the best of the best.

Jordans rock.  always.

Because I had missed so much that I had intended to do, one of the BEST gal pals ever, (that would be you, Kathy Boone Reel) said she'd go wandering with me.

And wander we did.

Into the Hotel Monteleone for a picture of Carousel Bar (which I didn't get to ride.  But.  I'll be back!) 

We spotted this woman, who carried herself like royalty and something about her sense of pride touched me.

And an old saying niggled its way into my head - "There but for the grace of God, go I."

She, truly, was the only thing I saw on that street when I snapped this shot, so it only seemed fair that the photo should show it as I saw it.

As Kathy and I walked and talked, I was just ramdomly shooting shots.  I can't seem to see, or get, enough of this city.

And -
we went to several art galleries.
And we fell in love with SO much . . . 

The architecture is an art of its own

We both wanted to bring this home.

Um, I "think" I mentioned how much we liked chickens . . . 

Kathy took this picture and it comes with its own story.  But it's Kathy's story to tell.

And after all the walking and gallery crawling, we went back to the first gallery we stopped at, Claire Elizabeth Gallery, where I picked up this piece by Frances Rodriguez to take home with me.


And, it was an early night for this chicken.  Turned in early and slept a little later than usual.  My roomie was gone, as were most of the rest of my chickens.  And I was sad.

Instead of my usual early "Good Morning, New Orleans!" picture, the sun was actually all the way up.

I had quiet coffee in my  room, instead of a cup running out the door

and room service.

Eggs Benedict that I forgot to take a picture of!


Then I got a hold of Kathy and she was moving slower than me.

But we caught up with one another and hit the street.

Running into Karen Maslowski on the way.

I love this shot.  Thank you, Kathy!

and we bumped into Darth Vader after breakfast.

and we bought some coffee to take home.

And then, Kathy,, who had been to Jackson Square, more than once, had no interest in joining me for my trek down there, so off I went.  

I was not leaving New Orleans without visiting Jackson Square.

I loved this place!

 HA!  Darth rocks the house!

This made me happy

I hate mimes.

And, THIS is the place I came to see.

I love Louis Sahuc's work.

I brought home two pieces, but I hope to, some day, have more.

The gallery owner was wonderful.

She shared a lot of stories behind the photographs, which only, of course, makes them that much more meaningful.

If you're a fan of photography - do take a look at his webpage.

And if you're in New Orleans, stop by the gallery.

Check out time was quickly approaching, so I had to hustle back to the hotel.

But it didn't stop me from taking a few more pictures along the way.

New Orleans is such a magically perfect blend of the elegant and the tacky - I love every single thing about it.

So now.  Happy to be home, of course, but feeling a little melancholy about leaving New Orleans, having Bouchercon behind us for another year, and not seeing friends that I normally only see once a year at this very special "family renunion."

And we have a little more Bouchercon serendipity.

Looking through Facebook I ran across a photograph taken by my friend M'Lou that seems to capture the spirit that is Bouchercon.  We may no longer be occupying this space, but really, we always will be.  And, also serendipitously, I think, my friend David Magayna wrote words that just seemed to echo what many of us are feeling and which seem to couple perfectly with M'Lou's photo.

With their permission - here they are -

"What a weird feeling, walking through the hotel lobby, just me and a few of the Marriott's exemplary staff.

I could just imagine the ghost's (well. It is New Orleans ) of Boucherconners clinking their glasses, sharing laughs, and making new friends. Even though the lobby bar was deserted, the life it still held was palpable.

For another year, farewell friends."


Lesa said...

Such appropriate words from David. I'm still missing you and David Chaudoir, the bar & Bouchercon. But, your photos captured it, Kaye. Thank you.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Lesa, I know!!!!
I'm going to have a hard time getting used to the fact that all my chicks are no longer close enough for me to run herd on!
I really am missing everyone.
And David's words could not be more perfect, and they make me cry with the simple beauty of the truth of them.
See you in Toronto, Lesa - squeeeeeeee!

Dru said...

Nice. Love seeing New Orleans through your photos.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail o0n the head with " Blend of the elegant and the tacky!" Only a Southerner wd use the word tacky!!!!! Thelma Straw in Manhattan

Grace Koshida said...

You ended with a great Day 5 travelogue of NOLA, Kaye! Loved the art, Jackson Square, and I also saw that same unique lady wandering around the French Quarter more than once! And David's words were perfect. See you at B'con 2017 in T.O.!