Monday, September 26, 2016

R.I.P. Arnold Palmer

Back when I was working at The Trust Company of Georgia in the 70s, a co-worker gave me tickets for Wednesday's ProAm before the Master's Tournament in Augusta. 

My friend Becky and I were walking in the area of the "cottages" like two little country mice come to town. 

A guy pulled up beside us on a golf cart, asked if we were having a nice day, where were we from, were we here for the whole week, etc. 

Becky chatted away. 

Me? I just stood there with my mouth open. After he bid us good day and drove off, Becky said, "what a sweetheart he was!" 

When I could finally talk, I squeaked, "Arnold Palmer." 

Becky: "Nah!!! Was not!" 

Me: "Was." 

and we grinned at one another like the silly girls we were when a legend makes your day.

September 10, 1929 - September 25, 2016, 

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