Saturday, June 30, 2018

Asheville - More than The Biltmore

We love Asheville.

A lot of people visit Asheville to see The Biltmore Estate, and I agree - it's pretty awesome.

But Asheville has lots more.

There's some really beautiful architecture with architectural details that neither Donald nor I can resist shooting.

There's a lot of street art, and there's a street art walk map with all the pieces well marked, which makes for a fun way to explore the city.

Asheville is a foodie city (which is awfully nice). 

It's a city that attracts creative souls - musicians, artists, writers . . . 

It's a great place for shopping

And it's very doggie friendly.


There are some very cool bookstores, including Malaprop's

And the Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar 

The Grove Arcade is a fun place to shop, eat and wander.  It's a wonderful example of what can be done for saving architectural gems that too many cities will just knock down in order to put up another ugly big box store, or parking lot (cue Joni Mitchell here)


Another spot Donald and I always visit is Ball Photo.

What photographer is not going to love seeing and playing with some wonderful old cameras that you're just not going to see these days?

And did I mention that Asheville is very doggie friendly?

That's important to Annabelle, of course.