Monday, June 4, 2018

Dear Self-Published Authors -

This is for you. 

Please don't pay attention to all the mean things you might read that are written by people who are traditionally published who slam ALL self-published work as drek. (like ALL traditionally published work is of an extreme high quality?! Pffft.) 

Some of us have our self-published books displayed in places like WHSmith in Paris. 

Keep writing!!! 

Your work is valuable no matter how it's published. 

If it finds an audience who find it worthy, it will continue finding readers and the audience will grow. 

Believe it. 

It can happen. 

These pictures were taken last September at WHSmith Books/Paris where Lesa, Lisa and Vickie and I were lucky enough to attend one of Cara Black's  signings. The lovely, always gracious, Cara Black. 

And I got to see my "Whimsey" looking fine and proud in gay Paree.  

I would not take a million dollars for that evening.

It was magic. 

And those of us who believe in our work enough to put ourselves in the line of fire by self-publishing deserve that magic every bit as much as those who are traditionally published. 

Why wouldn't we? 

If this seems like a topic I write about often, you're right. I do. 

And I will continue doing so every time I run across yet another ill-informed opinion about self-published authors.

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