Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Chihuly at the Biltmore

Annabelle and I are ready for our road trip!

Off to Asheville we go to see the Chihuly Exhibit at the Biltmore Estate

But before going to the Biltmore, I requested a detour downtown to Grove Arcade so I could shop for a new hat!  

There's a darling little knitting shop in the Grove Arcade that sells a whole room full of handmade hats.  

If we lived closer I'd have my own room full of handmade hats!

Annabelle trying to decide if she's ready for a long day at the Biltmore.

The Princess is escorted down her ramp . . . 

Because we live fairly close to Asheville, we go pretty often.

We've been through the Biltmore House many times, but it never fails to impress when you catch that first glimpse.

Chihuly's Sol d'Oro


This happened.

I was walking along taking pictures, and this lovely lady approached me and asked if I would mind having my picture taken with her.


No, I didn't mind, of course.

But, I was curious as to why . . . 

She said 'cause I looked happy and she loved the way I was dressed.

I told her I loved the way she was dressed too, and we had a nice chat.

She and her husband live in Denmark.  They came to America for a visit, landing in NYC and are in the process of driving across the country.

So far they have spent a few days in NYC and Philadelphia and a little time in lots of other places.

They will eventually land in California and fly back home.

They have no deadlines at all, so are just free as a couple of birds and relaxing.

They were delightful!

Husband is Danish.  She is Algerian.

I love gargoyles 

Annabelle made a few new friends

Next we drove to the Biltmore Convervatory

And then we headed back home.

I'm sure we'll go back to see the exhibit again.  And hopefully, we'll get to see it when the installations are under nighttime lighting.

And, we didn't wander through the house this visit, because we had Annabelle with us.  There is a limit, even at the Biltmore, to doggie friendliness.


Lesa said...

I can’t wait to see it! Since I just now saw this as I’m about to go to bed, I also can’y Wait to see your photos on a bigger computer screen.

Pamela A said...

Wonderful pictures! So glad you posted them, they made me want to see the Chihuly's and the Biltmore in person.