Friday, June 22, 2018

My day . . .

Here's how my normal day goes, pretty much. 

I wake up blue these days. 

Often after tossing and turning all night. 

If Donald wakes up first, I can be sure there's a cup of coffee for me on my nightstand. 

I spend some time alone with my thoughts and my coffee and then he and Annabelle will show up to check on me and visit and talk about what we have planned for the day - which is often not a thing (have I mentioned how much I love retirement? Mine AND his).

Then I turn on Facebook and when I find a few happy and/or thought provoking things, I enjoy them and I share them.

When I find things that make me want to scream, I share them too.

Why should I be the only one getting a little more pissed by the minute?!

There's one thing I can count on making me smile - music.

And when it includes James Corden, that's a big smile.

And when it includes Paul McCartney, yep - I'm a happy girl.

Sing, peeps, sing! And Happy Friday!

And tell me if you ever saw The Beatles.

I did not, but we did see Paul McCartney in Atlanta at The Omni in 1990 and we sang, and we were happy.

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