Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Brooks & Dunn - oh boy oh boy oh boy


My Brooks and Dunn post I did earlier got deleted accidentally.  I just wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and "poof" - there it went.  big sigh.    But since I liked having their picture here, well - by gum - I'm just putting it right back up.

Donald and I love Brooks & Dunn and we go see them almost every year when they come to North Carolina.  We'll be going again this year in June.  I was able to get our tickets in a pre-sale and we'll be sitting Stage Right - Ninth Row.  Pretty darn good!!

and I'm excited.

And here they are - cute as buttons - both of 'em.

This will be a fun evening, but bittersweet 'cause this is their farewell tour as a duo.  I'm sure they'll both being doing some great stuff in their solo careers, but I can't help but cross my fingers and hope they'll do some more projects together in the future.

Here's what they had to say about their break-up:

"To Our Fans:Brooks & Dunn News
After 20 years of making music and riding this trail together, we have agreed as a duo that it’s time call it a day. This ride has been everything and more than we could ever have dreamed…. We owe it all to you, the fans. If you hear rumors, don’t believe them, it’s just time.
We will release our #1’s and then some” on September 8th and bid you farewell one last time in 2010, with The Last Rodeo Tour…(dates to be announced)."

And trying one more time with the video -


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Mason Canyon said...

I hate to see them go their separate ways too. I know they're both good on their own, but together they are special.