Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exploring with Harley

Come on, Mom - Let's explore!  Time for - an adventure!  You can't just sit around on your butt reading all day - let's GO!

You know.  Like Jill and Bumble and Zippy!
They go exploring and have adventures all the time.
You never take me anywhere.

Am not whining, I'm just saying . . .

Well, okay.  Yes yes yes, you did take me there.  Yes yes yes, I remember. . .


so I made a mistake.  jeesh.

Now, it could be very dangerous, so stick close, O.K.?

Let's go over here around the bird stuff - - - 

Did you bring some food to put in these things??

Well, you'll have to fill them.  I can't reach that high.

oh boy, oh boy - I love the pond

What do you mean, don't drink the pond water?!  WHAAAT?!

will if I want

okay - let's climb this mountain, what say?


Wait.  Careful!  I saw a bear . . . .

did too!!

Now let's go check out the jungle.

I'm pretty sure there are elephants . . .


Did you see one??

Are too elephants here.
I smell one right here.

Plus, I saw it on the Discovery Channel.

Pretty sure . . .

Whew.  Almost home.

I'm tired.

are you tired?

I think maybe I'd like to take a nap now

I'm just wondering.  Do Bumble and Zippy take naps after their adventures??


Jill said...

The answer is that Bumble definitely takes a nap after every walk and Zippy is usually a two walk and then a nap kind of guy. He he....

Janet Rudolph said...

Sooo cute... gotta love him!

danielle-momo said...

I love Jill's blog and yours was fun too...

Patty said...

Such a cutie, and I'll bet he did see that elephant!

Vicki Lane said...

Those short little legs -- no wonder he's all wore out!

Brenda Buchanan said...

Harley is wonderful. Like Carl in "Good Dog, Carl," he clearly aims to please (but does not get in trouble).

Thanks for these photos. They cheered me while I ate lunch.

Brenda Bucnanan

Andi said...

And here i thought I was going to read a post by Harley Jane Kozak. I was so confused?!?!?