Friday, July 25, 2014

A Review

I don't do many reviews here.  

I'm just really not very good at it.

A review should consist of more than "OH!  I loved this book!"  And, sadly, that's about the best I seem to be able to come up with.

Except - every once in a while a book will find its way to me that I can't just put on the shelf without first sharing it with people.

Martha Woodroof's SMALL BLESSINGS is one of those.

I'm always a sucker for small town stories. You know you're going to meet some off-beat characters, and there are a gracious plenty of them living in this small college community. When a writer is able to bring them to life, rather than just drawing another caricature, it's especially satisfying. I loved every word of this delightful, heartwarming novel which never drifted into the "too sweet" side of storytelling. Miss Woodroof managed to throw some surprises at us along the way, and kept me on my toes waiting for the next one. Fans of "The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry" might want to give it a try.


Mason Canyon said...

Sounds like a fun book to read. The small town atmosphere is always a plus with me.1712

Libby Dodd said...

I loved "The Storied..." so I will have to look into this one.
Thanks for taking time to tell us about it.