Thursday, September 4, 2014

Louise Penny

I have just heard some wonderful news!

I'm a person who loves hearing wonderful news.

Especially when it concerns someone I know.

Especially when it concerns someone who deserves every accolade, every award, every single nice thing said about her and her work.

Louise Penny's  THE LONG WAY HOME will debut at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list the week of Sept 14th.  (you can  read my review here -

She has just ended her tour with an event in Vancouver with over 700 people in attendance.




How amazing is that?!

I have followed Louise's work and i have followed her star right to the top.  I have cheered her every step of the way and I'm as proud as if I were the woman's mother, for Lord's sake!

I met Louise in Baltimore.  It was the first Bouchercon I attended.  I could not wait to tell her how much I loved her books.

She was beautiful, sweet, kind, funny, gracious and so approachable.

I next saw her in Indianapolis.  Bouchercon, again.

Still beautiful, sweet, kind, funny, gracious and so approachable.

Then I got to see her again at Malice a couple years ago.  I love this picture.  Oh, how I love both these women.

Louise Penny, me, Hank Phillippi Ryan

Still beautiful, sweet, kind, funny, gracious and so approachable.  

Now, Louise Penny is celebrating her second novel in a row hitting the New York Times Bestseller List at Number One.

And the whole point of my post, in addition to sending out a huge virtual congratulatory hug to Louise Penny, is to post pictures of me with her  (the heck with dropping names, I'd rather post pics!)

I can't help it.   

I love my life.  

I have had opportunities to meet and get to know some of the most amazing people.  

I am grateful, and humbled, and proud as punch.

If you're one of the few people left on God's green earth who has not read Louise Penny's Three Pines novels - now is the time.  


But - start with #1, okay??  You'll thank me for this.

Here they are in order:

Still Life

A Fatal Grace (also published as Dead Cold in the UK)

The Cruelest Month

A Rule Against Murder (also published at The Murder Stone in the UK)

The Brutal Telling

Bury Your Dead

A Trick of the Light

The Beautiful Mystery

How the Light Gets In

The Long Way Home

Louise - If you're reading         -       
YAY, YOU!!!!!!!!         


Mason Canyon said...

An amazing lady. Love her writing.

Libby Dodd said...

I am, sorry to say, one of those deprived people who has not read any of her books. But just this weekend my niece was extolling their literary virtues. She said she, her father, and her mother all like them, and that is a major testimonial to their likeability!