Thursday, October 30, 2014

More reasons to vote -

Do you still need more reasons to vote this year?

Still think voter suppression is a myth?

via Seth Reeker - -  Ruthelle Frank is a resident of Brokaw, Wisconsin, where she has served on the Village Board since 1996. She was born at her home in Brokaw in 1927. She is an eligible voter registered to vote in Wisconsin. She has no accepted form of photo ID under the photo ID law and lacks a certified copy of her birth certificate, which she needs to prove citizenship to the Wisconsin DMV. Though she has never had a birth certificate in her possession, the state Register of Deeds has a record of her birth and can produce a certified copy of her birth certificate, but at a cost. The record on file, however, has an incorrect spelling of her maiden name: Wedepohl, and is consequently an unacceptable form of identification. The process to correct the birth certificate is lengthy and costly, with some reports suggesting it might require $200 or more. She has voted in every election since 1948 and intends to vote in Wisconsin again next year.

ACLU has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court on behalf of ‪#‎Wisconsin‬voters like Ruthelle Frank. She will be unable to vote if the state's voter ID law goes into effect so close to the upcoming election.

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