Saturday, November 1, 2014

First Snow

Most of you are familiar with Vicki Lane, her blog and her books.  All wonderful!

This morning at Facebook my friend Jill pointed out that Vicki's blog was about her first snow.

Vicki also lives up here in our gorgeous North Carolina mountains, just not the same part as we do.

And Miss Birdie from Vicki's Elizabeth Goodweather series has a delightful philosophy about walking barefoot in that magical first snow.

You'll enjoy reading and seeing Vicki's amazing photography here -

Miss Birdie believes if you walk barefoot in the first snow, you'll be healthy all year.


I'm all for that.

And, I'm quite happily a sucker for mountain lore.

So -

Harley decided to check out the footprints, and make a few of his own.

And a few pics of our first snow here in Meat Camp -  Enjoy!

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