Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Anne Cleeland

I have recently discovered Anne Cleeland's New Scotland Yard Mystery Series.

From Booklist: "Chief Inspector Acton of Scotland Yard, a British lord, and his protégée, first-year Detective Constable Kathleen Doyle, an Irish redhead of humble origins, definitely rate readers’ attention. Doyle’s gift for reading people makes her invaluable to the veteran inspector, yet she struggles to keep her coveted entry position and build on her meager education by using multisyllabic words she’s researched and practiced to enlarge her vocabulary and impress Acton. Their growing bond is deftly depicted by Cleeland as Acton quietly offers a loan to Doyle, who is trying to make ends meet. From pride and professionalism, she declines, but the telling incident lingers powerfully for her, just as this entertaining pair will linger in readers’ imaginations, making them want more."

As sometimes happens, I stumbled onto this series by receiving an advance eGalley of the third in the series through netgalley.com.

Before reading it, I read a little about the series and decided to give the first one a try.

I was hooked. Immediately hooked.

And now, after reading all three, I am completely and totally smitten with the series and I can't wait for the fourth one (even though the third one hasn't even been released yet).

The novels are different from anything else being written right now. I have found them to be refreshing and bright.  The characters - lead AND supporting - are all a bit off-center, odd and thoroughly engaging. I enjoy Cleeland's sly wit and her knack for dialogue. This is a series I hope to still be reading years from now.

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