Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fleetwood Mac

So - it's off we went to Greensboro, NC 

to see

in concert

Here's a few videos of the Greensboro show from

We drove to Greensboro on a beautiful blue sky day

Harley was, of course, one happy little pup.  He loves a road trip!

We like roadtrips too.

When we arrived at the hotel, some of us needed naps

Some of us didn't

And some of us wanted to check in at Facebook

And then it was show time!

The stage from 10 rows back


And there you have it - The incomparable Fleetwood Mac putting on one of the best concerts we've ever seen, and we have seen a few concerts over the year.

Back to the hotel.  Harley was happy to see us, I think.

And the next morning, a drive home with more beautiful blue skies

Harley wasn't quite ready to leave

But Donald and I were - and, we were excited about stopping in Wilkesboro for some delicious bbq at Tipton's

A Perfect Weekend

Life is Good


Elaine N. said...

Great photos! Glad you enjoyed the show.

Margaret said...

Looks like you had a great time, Kaye. Thanks for sharing the photos and the video links.

Margaret Pruter

Mason Canyon said...

Awesome photos, Kaye. Looks like it was a fun trip. Fleetwood Mac is a great band, love their music.

Libby Dodd said...

What great fun!
Love your red and black outfit. And those wonderful boots!
What a handsome man you have.

Jill said...

What wonderful photos, Kaye!