Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sometimes you just have to laugh . . .

Sometimes we have to just roll with the punches. Roll our eyes and laugh. Right?

And try to remember the saying "it's all about the story."

Here's my story about mailing off a few packages.

My mom loved her bling.

So yes, I guess I get my love of jewelry honestly - she taught me well.

And started those lessons early.

I've written about how much I loved my childhood home, The Arcade Apartments a/k/a "Home of My Heart."

I re-post this Father's Day post almost every year.

And I know you've already read about Mr. Devoe, and indulge me when I repeat myself. 

There was a jewelry store owned by Mr. & Mrs. Henry DeVoe in the lobby of the Arcade. Sometimes on Saturdays they would babysit me while Mother did the grocery shopping if Dad had to work. It was the beginning of my love affair with jewelry. Mr. DeVoe was my buddy - he opened my first charge account. Remember the silver bands we called "Friendship Rings?" They were $1.00. Sterling silver bands for $1.00. Can you imagine? Well, I loved those, but would lose them often. He would let me charge one and pay him on installments out of my allowance. About the time I'd have one paid off, I'd lose it and he would let me charge another one.

The first thing we brought home from Mother's apartment was her jewelry "box."

As you can imagine, going through this was hard.

But also quite lovely.

I sincerely doubt there was ever a piece of furniture that held more memories.  Not much of any value because we've never been a family of means, but we sure have always known how to collect some pretty sparkly memories.

I found pieces I thought were long lost, including a locket with matching earrings my dad gave my mom before I was born.  It has a teeny little picture of my dad inside.

I found cheap little abalone shell rings I had bought for her on The Boardwalk of Ocean City, MD when I was a little girl.  (Adjustable, no less.  ;-)  )

So many treasures.

So many memories.

I found pieces that family and friends had given her over the years.

I cried over some of the pieces.  Pieces that Donald would choose and wrap and give her for Christmas every year.  That was the gift she would save until last to open.  He always chose well.  She was always pleased.

I found fun and lovely and whimsical and silly pieces.  Many, like the dachshund pin to honor our much beloved Uncus, that she had had since forever.  She had a fondness for watches and I remember her wearing this Minnie Mouse watch often.

I found lots of rhinestones.

Lots of big dramatic pieces

Lots of tigers and parrots and dragonflies and bees, oh my.

Did I mention how my mama loved her bling?

I decided to share much of it with family and close friends, so I spent some time sorting pieces into piles. 

I chose carefully.

I boxed them up and labeled them.

A couple boxes have already been sent and received.

Then I fell behind, 

but, some are now finally on their way. 

Whether the recipients actually receive what I intended to send them is another story.

Most of the boxes are quite small since most contain only jewelry.

I taped them up really well (really, really well), but then put them in padded envelopes (which I also taped really, really well - the recipients going to kill me, except most of them are well aware of how wild I can get with a roll of tape in my hands).

But when I got to my favorite shipping place, good folks who have taken good care of our packages for as long as we've been in Boone, with 15 packages (many of which are in really, really well-taped padded envelopes) discussions take place.

After much discussion among many people, the decision is reached that everyone would feel much more comfortable about those well-taped padded envelopes being in boxes.

So three different people get busy putting those well-taped padded envelopes into boxes which are stuffed to capacity with bubble wrap and then taped (really well).


I am not feeling totally warm and fuzzy about the labeling.

There "may" have been too many hands in that kitchen.


I had to drop everyone an email asking that they let me know when they receive their package, and to let me know what might actually be in "their" package because I have a feeling we may have to do some re-sorting.  (Cross your fingers that I'm wrong!)

My friend Cat made me hoot when she wrote back that this could possibly turn into a big ol' transcontinental scavenger hunt.  One of the things Hazel Wilkinson loved best about Cat is her wicked and spot-on sense of humor.

We'll all have to stay tuned for the rest of the story . . . 

(Harley choosing his favorite piece)

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