Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Ridiculous (to me) Pricing of e-Books

I am not going to pay $14.99 for an eBook.

I'm just not.

Not even one written by an author who is usually an "auto-buy" for me.

I think I've done as much as anyone to support authors, but I'm drawing the line here, and placing the "blame" NOT on the author, but on the publishers.

Now, unlike some people at Facebook yesterday when I posted this, I "hope" you'll read the entire piece before you start slamming me publicly or privately.  If you know me, you know I'm not going to sit back quietly when it happens.  So - go ahead if you really feel the need . . .

I now buy a LOT of eBooks. There are still authors whose work I want on my shelves, but not as many as there once were. And if I buy an eBook that I find has absolutely blown me away, and I'll want to have signed, then I will also buy the physical book - so it's not as though I'm a "book cheapskate." Far from it. If I fall in love with an eGalley, I will usually buy the physical book too - and often several copies to give to friends.

I'm not really prepared to talk about what I "am" willing to spend on a book, be it electronic, paperback or hardback because, frankly, it often depends on the book itself, and/or the author. But I'm well prepared to state that I am not going to ever spend $14.99 for an eBook.

I got some comments about my feelings on this at Facebook yesterday.

I'm not sure if people forgot that I too write.  Or simply chose to overlook it.

 - That I have published pieces in local anthologies and local magazines.

- That I have written and self-published my WHIMSEY: A NOVEL and MY NAME IS HARLEY AND THIS IS MY STORY.  Both of which, by the way, have gotten more reviews than some traditionally published books and both of which are still receiving reviews.  More good ones than bad ones, I'm proud to say.

And even though I'm never going to be a "one novel a year" writer, I am still writing.


Besides having written, I have done all the work that follows the writing.

I have done the formatting for both printed and electronic format.  Even done all the work entailed in having it put out in audio.

So, please.

Don't tell me how much work is involved.

That's insulting. 

My choice in not buying an ebook at a particular price is just that. My choice. 

It doesn't mean I won't ever read the book. But - It IS, after all, my choice how and where and on what I spend my money.  

Again - Honestly? There aren't too many people who have done more for authors than I have. I have supported many of them for years - including spotlighting them at my Meanderings and Muses, here, word of mouth and probably even more importantly - buying and giving many copies of many books by many authors to many friends and family members. 

There are some books I do not want to buy and keep in physical form and prefer to have in electronic form, and do fully understand what the ramifications are. 

In response to a comment about some people wanting things without having to pay for them.  Maybe so.  But, there are MANY of us who do not expect ANYTHING for nothing, many of us DO have to watch our pennies. I went a whole lot of years without a raise before I retired early. I'm married to a man who has gone even more years without a raise You do not play "catch-up" with that many years behind you with no increase in what you bring home. There are a whole lot of us out there in this same boat.  So do not presume we are people who want "something for nothing."  That's pretty insulting to me and to many others who just don't have the money or feel like they want to spend their money in ways that others can and do.  I'm not trying to tell anyone else not to buy an eBook for $14.99 after all.  I simply stated that I would not buy an eBook for $14.99.

And as far as those comments about how shocked some people might be about those of us who will dare to complain about the price of a book and yet spend money on . . .  whatever . . .  Hello?  It's OUR money.  Spend yours however you want, but kindly refrain from belittling us for spending ours the way we want.  

There are some who say they won't pay a high price for electronic books because they never actually own them.  Truth be told, I've never looked at it that way.  I do understand it, but I guess I'm okay with it. As long as I can still access a book I might want to re-read when I'm someplace away from my house (OR in the old folks' home), I'm a happy girl.

And just to clarify (again!) - I did not say I would not buy it. I said I would not buy it RIGHT NOW, that I would just have to wait.


I am not going to pay $14.99 for an eBook.

I DO NOT "BLAME" AN AUTHOR FOR THE HIGH PRICE OF THEIR EBOOKS (unless they're self-published).

I do not want a print version of every book I want.

To each his own - right?!

Damn right.

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