Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Musings

In my New Year's post I mentioned my one word resolutions for this year.

"Do" and "Stretch."

In the "do" category I knew already, of course, there were some things I really wanted to do this year.  The difference was that this year I'm determined to make a concerted effort to actually do them.  Things I've thought about doing, things I've talked about doing and have, honestly, gotten bored to death with myself for all the time I've let lapse without following through.  Time to actually "do."  Pay attention - quit pondering - DO.

At the top of the list was planning more girlfriend time.

I am graced with friendships with some of the most amazing women on God's green earth.

I treasure them and cherish the memories I've made with many of them over a number of years.

Some of them since I was a kid in Cambridge.  Some since I was partying hard in Atlanta.  Some since I was in Atlanta but now a prim and proper married woman no longer given to dancing on a table in some South Atlanta bar (but missing the hell out of those days from time to time).  Well, okay.  Maybe I'm not and never have been prim and proper, but compared to that party girl I am at least a little less crazy.  And now have a bum hip that won't allow me to hop up onto a tabletop to dance.  oh, the perils of aging.  <sigh>

Point being - there are women in my life that I've gone through many of life's phases with.  They're not people I can ever be anyone but exactly who I am with.  A wonderful and lovely thing.  Try to be anything different and they would see right through me, laugh and gently slap me back to me.  As it should be.  

As it happens, my life's phases have been an interesting ride.

Would I change anything?  Do I have regrets?

Honestly?  There are a couple plot points I would change, yes.

Regrets?  Surprisingly few.


One evening I sat down and began making a list of women I'd like to spend a week with.

Then I started thinking more seriously about which of those women would get along with one another 'cause I'd be the only person, in a lot of cases, that each of them would know.

Getting strangers together for an entire week can be dangerous business, don't you know?

After some pondering, I fired off an email to some of these women with the idea of a girl's week at the beach.

Well - hey.  The Beach.

Where ELSE would I plan an event such as this?

Well, okay - Greece, France or Italy, but this is my first go at this sort of thing.  Give me a break here.  Besides which, I'd for sure need to start saving my pennies.

Long story short -

Planning something like this is a bit like herding cats.


That's to be expected.

We all live in different cities, different states and we all have busy, productive lives.


We worked it out.

Me and a few of my favorite "wimmen friends" will be spending a week at Topsail Island this summer.

And now, the fun has already begun.

Since we have the details all worked out - the where, the when, the who  -  the notes are beginning to fly across the airwaves about how much fun we're going to have.  Introductions are being made.  Plans being tossed about regarding favorite meals being fixed by those who like to cook, favorite drinks mixed by those who would rather leave the cooking to others.  Who's bringing homemade Kahlua?  Who's bringing things they've grown in their own gardens?  Who's bringing tiaras?


This is a "do" I am so excited about.

If you have "Plan a Girlfriend Get Together" on your "To Do" list, go do it.  Call or write those woman you love and plan a get-together.  It might just be dinner or lunch or coffee.  Just do it.

If it's a get-away you're wanting, I suggest planning it for a few months down the road so you can enjoy the time between now and then to giggle and plan and just enjoy the hell out of the journey.

And who knows, this could turn into a regularly scheduled event.  

We'll see.

Life is good.

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