Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Winter at the Beach

Donald and Harley and I try to get to Topsail Island every year.

This year we packed our bags and headed east a little earlier than usual.

First time we've been in February, but probably it won't be our last.

It was snowing and blowing in Boone.

Harley is a cold weather dog.  Like his mom, he's not too fond of the heat and humidity.

But even Harley was getting weary of the snow.

The whole Barley crew was happy when it was time to get into that car and head to the beach.

It just so happened, it was Donald's birthday.

And we spent part of the day with Joe and Margaret Maron.

You don't leave the Maron home without feeling as though you've been wined, dined and celebrated - even if it's not your birthday.  The fact that it was Donald's made it even more special.

The second day of vacation was Valentine's Day, so we celebrated it too.

Now, I'm here to tell you.  It may not have been snowing at the beach, but it was damned cold when we got there.  And that little rental house?  Brrrrrrrrr!!!!!  We piled blankets and quilts and comforters till we were finally warm.  We couldn't move under all those blankies, but we were warm, by golly!

Thankfully, the weather warmed up and the heat pump started catching up so the rest of the week,while it was chilly, was gorgeous.


It is, after all, February. 


So, we took February type clothes.

Harley was, I think, in heaven.

He loves the beach, but usually it's a good bit warmer while we're there, so he's ready to go back inside pretty quickly.

Boy, not this trip.

And - there were hardly any other hardy souls there, so we had our part of the beach pretty much to ourselves.

That meant we were able to be a little more lenient than usual with the leash.

So.  Here's some pictures for you to enjoy.

Some of your favorite little Corgi having a ripping good time. 

Some pictures of one of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever hope to see.

The cute little house we rented.

And, a few of me and Donald dressed appropriately for February on the beach.

Well, you know, I never really thought about faux fur being beachwear, but I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun it was wearing fake fur and tennis shoes while searching for shells.  It was something entirely new for this gal.  I liked it.  <insert very big grin>

We had a mix of weather while we were there.

Freezing cold.


Milder still.


Beautiful blue skies.


Gray foggy days.

Calm sea.

Rough and choppy waves.

In other words  -  a typical week.

We were outside most of the time.  If not walking on the beach, then sitting on the deck.

If not on the deck, then in the sunroom.

But when we were sitting in the living room we could still see, and hear, the waves.


Pure Heaven.

If you haven't read Rick Bragg's "My Southern Journey" yet - run pick it up!!

Sometimes we had to come inside to rest and take naps.

Or decide which book to read next

We also had to leave the house once in awhile.

Like to go visit my favorite tree

Or go shop at one of my favorite book stores in the whole world - Quarter Moon Books

I never leave Quarter Moon without one of their mugs - Thank you, Lori!!

Now do you believe me?  I told you it was fun wearing fake fur at the beach while seeking out shells

Look at this very cool Sea Bisquit I found!  A first for me.

Besides beach walking and naps, we also did a little shopping.

together and separately.

Donald's not too big on hitting some of the boutiques so I did that on my own.

He did the Harley-Davidson place on his own.

But he didn't buy anything

And there was food - always food

and coffee!

and more beach walks

and more deck time

and more reading

and more naps

See y'all!

Till next time . . . 

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