Wednesday, July 20, 2016

That Circus in Cleveland


Once again, I am not watching the televised circus taking place in Cleveland which is calling itself a political convention. 

Those of us old enough to remember watching political conventions in the past remember them as gatherings where people talked and talked and talked and talked and talked some more. 

They were often dry and boring. 

There were sometimes surprises. 

Perhaps a speech given by a charismatic young up and comer that made us sit back and say "Wow. This person is going to be a person to watch," which made a political junkie such as myself happy I had stuck through the boring. 

But, never did I ever imagine the surprise of hearing a couple of D list long out of work actors being considered intelligent enough or articulate enough to be a part of our political process. 

And then, not surprisingly, prove they were neither of those things. 

If you're ignorant and tasteless enough to use the "C" word for ANY woman, you've proved yourself to be scum. 

That this crass ignorance reflects the values of the person this moron is supporting as a candidate for President should not be happening in THIS country. 

MY country. 

And the rest of those people? Reality TV at its worst could never touch this mess. 

And it all reminds me of why I hated the circus, even as a child. 

Because it always smelled like shit. 

Nite, all!

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