Friday, October 28, 2016

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Early voting is happening right now in North Carolina.

I voted last week.

Today I went downtown to help pass out some campaign literature for the Democrats.

I shared my corner with an ASU student who was timidly passing out literature for the Republicans.  He told me he was doing this as a school project, but really, didn't care all that much who won.

Before I left, a woman came to join our corner to pass out campaign literature for a particular judge.

She relayed a story about how she was worried about Thanksgiving at her mother's house this year.  Seems her family is split in how they're voting.  It hasn't been a pleasant split and she doesn't think this year's Thanksgiving will be any too pleasant either.  Her mother's main concern is whether everyone will actually stay long enough to finish eating the meal she'll be preparing.

And, once again, (I had a similar experience when I was doing some campaigning for Sue Counts) I had a gentleman stop on his way out of the polling area to tell me he has always voted Republican. Until this year. This year he is ashamed to be a Republican. I hugged his neck. I "think" we both had a couple of tears in our eyes.

Have you voted?

If not, please go vote.

It's never been more important.

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