Thursday, January 12, 2017

Looking for beauty

One of the chapters in Will Schwalbe's "Books for Living," is A Journey Around My Room. 

Mr. Schwalbe tells us about Lin Yutang, who he talks about a great deal, and his theories about "false travel." 

It's interesting. 

I did not agree with all of Lin Yutang's thoughts and feelings, but it was interesting reading. (I have some serious issues with anyone who thinks taking pictures inhibits one's ability to actually see and feel the travel experience. While it may inhibit some people's ability, I will argue to the death that it will inhibit everyone. Another topic for another day). 

Lin Yutang was a fan of a book written in 1790 by a French officer, Xavier de Maistre, sentenced to house arrest. 

During this period, Mr. de Maistre wrote "A Journey Around My Room" in which he visited with his belongings. 

I mentioned at Facebook yesterday how I felt the need for a little beauty in my life after listening to all the political nastiness. And I decided to take my own journey about our home. 

I visited with the artwork that covers our walls. 

Picked up bits and nibs of this and that - pieces of pottery, glassware, seashells, etc. that are crowding the tabletops and shelves. 

I pulled out a few much loved books just to reacquaint myself with why a certain book lives here.

I'm able to recall for almost every single thing in this house where it came from and why (I am puzzled, I admit, as to where the plastic Woody from Toy Store came from and why he's living here, but hey, he seems happy, so here he'll stay). 

The memories are often much more than the object. 

And they are, to us, beautiful. 

It's often said that homes are a reflection of the occupants. 

I believe this. 

And I believe that's as it should be. 

The fact that our little house is a jumble of mismatched stuff to the point of overflow probably speaks loudly (oftentimes too loudly) to our friends and family who come visit. 

I'm sure it's not a decorating style many would find to be the right decorating style for them, as there is no real "style" involved. 

But it was the perfect amount of beauty that my soul was in need of yesterday. 

This little nest of ours will be a refuge for the next four years. 

I'm thankful to have it. 

We will continue feathering it with bits and nibs and each of those small things will help block the ugliness while still allowing the light to shine through. 

We find our own beauty, don't we?

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Carole said...

I, too, can tell you where everything in our house came from and how it got here, especially the little oddball ones.