Friday, February 10, 2017

Annabelle Goes to the Vet

Annabelle had her first vet visit this morning.

Harley always loved going to Animal Medical Center of Boone where Dr. Cara Roten-Henson and her staff looked after him his entire life.  He would walk in the door acting like he owned the place and ran around to get a little bit of loving from everyone.

And everyone was always ready to give him that loving.

I cannot say enough about Cara and her staff.

We love them to the moon and back, truly.

And, I think Annbelle's going to love them too.

First she got loving from her Aunt Kelly

And then from her Aunt Jamie

And then home for a well deserved nap

1 comment:

Lesa said...

Well, there's the answer to my question. I bet they fell in love with that little girl. She's so precious.