Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sweet, Silly Annabelle

We keep opening up a little more of the house for Annabelle as she grows up some and gets better about some of those bad puppy things.

You know - like house breaking (Phew!  That's pretty much behind us now, thank goodness.)

Chewing on things she shouldn't be chewing on (Phew!  That's pretty much behind us now, thank goodness.)  Except for shoe laces - the girl loves her some shoe laces.  Especially if those laces are on her daddy's boots.


Today, I was reading and she was being very quiet.

Quiet can be scary

Especially when I can't see her.

I got up and peeked behind my chair, and found her bringing some of her favorite things together in a little pile, including her blankie from her crate.

When I asked if she needed any help, she just stepped back and smiled at me.

Lord, but I do love this funny little girl.

1 comment:

Lesa said...

I hope she isn't planning on going anyplace! Or, maybe she wanted to take them to doggie daycare!