Saturday, August 26, 2017

National Dog Day


Today is National Dog Day.

I know this because I read it on Facebook.  Which is just one more reason I love Facebook.  I learn new things every day!  

And a friend of mine, David Magayna (Marcie's dad), posted this poem -

Special Word

There's a special word
We dogs have
To express our great pleasure
Upon seeing our favorite person
It's "bark"
But be careful
For "bark"
Also means 742,000 other things
So it's all really about the context

From "I Could Chew on This, and Other Poems by Dogs
By Francesco Marciuliano

Hats off to all the great dogs that grace our lives, and to the great dogs who graced them in the past.  We never forget them, and love them till forever.

Annabelle Barley

Harley Barley

Pax Wilkinson

This was a dog who graced my life for almost 15 years. His name was Pax. He went through some of the tough times with me, and was always by my side. Pax and I took a lot of long car trips together and ate a lot of MacDonald's burgers together. Here's a little story about him. I went through a divorce when Pax was a couple years old, and "the guy," while we were separated, decided some of therecord albums I had belonged to him (see the things we fight over?!) So he came over one evening and while sitting in the floor deciding which albums were his, Pax walked over to him, cocked his little leg and peed on him. I have never loved anyone or anything any more than I did Pax at that moment. Here's to Pax. One of the greats.

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Lesa said...

I missed National Dog Day, but I love all of your dogs, including that funny story about Pax.