Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Paris Ready!

All packed and ready to go!

And SO proud of myself for packing so efficiently for this trip.  

What's in the bags, you ask?

Well, the small black under the seat roller has what I'll need if my other bag gets "misdirected" somehow between Charlotte and Paris.  Since it's a non-stop flight, I have no idea how that could happen, but . . . 

Besides toiletries and make-up, there's a casual little black knit dress, leggings, undies, a scarf, a nightie, one pair of comfy red flats, and a packable rain coat.  Cables and chargers for my phone and my Fire will fit right before we leave.  And my purse fits nicely too - so only one carry on bag for this gal.

The red bag, which is small enough for the overhead, but which I'm going to check, contains 4 casual little black knit dresses, 3 pairs of leggings (at least one pair will serve as jammie bottoms), undies, a nightie, 2 pairs of black pants, 1 black silk tunic, 1 pair of comfy black flats, 1 pair of comfy red flats, 2 scarves, sock monkey bedroom slippers.

There's still a surprising amount of room in both these bags if I think of anything else I might need to put in.  (Space Bags rock).  

But I hope not!  



Did I mention how proud I am of myself?  Me - the gal who usually overpacks by more than some of you would ever believe.

Yay, me!

Next stop - Gay Paree!  Oooh, la la!