Sunday, February 11, 2018

New Hip - - - New Boots


I'm getting a new hip.

Hip replacement.  For real?

Jeeze Louise . . . 

Somehow I just can't think of myself as being old enough to need new body parts.

'Course, I do thank my lucky stars that I was never one of those people who would moan "oh my GAWD, I'm old!"  on every birthday.

I can't help but roll my eyes when I hear someone say this - especially when that poor old soul is like 40 years old.  

I mean . . .

Bless his/her heart.

I'm 69, so I guess I need to face up to the fact that it is, indeed, time to start replacing tired old joints.

If it helps me walk better and refrain from moaning, "GAWD, I am old . . . " so be it.

I mean (in case you hadn't heard), I'm going back to Paris!  Paris is no place to be if you can't walk.  And walk.  And walk . . .

Including a LOT of stairs.

But anyway . . .

Since I'm one who can rationalize anything, hip replacement surgery sent me scurrying for new boots.

New hip.  New boots.

Why?  Hell, I don't know.

Any excuse for new boots maybe.

What did I find?

Welllllll, lemme tell ya.

I found Sam Edelman black velvet thigh high boots.

AND, they were on sale.  

A very very good sale . . . 

And, if you like 'em, I'll tell you where I found them.

Like 'em?

Then run run run here and buy you some new boots - even if you aren't getting a new hip!


Janet Rudolph said...

Adorable boots --and perfect for the new hip. Best with the surgery and healing..and here's to Paris... Those boots were made for walking!

Dru Ann said...

Love the boots. Paris is waiting for you.