Friday, April 13, 2018

This may not sound like poetry to everyone's ears, but it surely sounds poetic to me when I read it!

North Carolina Literary Review

Dear Kaye Barley,

I am pleased to tell you that one of your photographs is among those our Art Director selected to appear within her layout of the essay by Margaret Maron, forthcoming in the 2018 issue of the North Carolina Literary Review. Look for your gift copy of the 1994 issue, featuring an interview with Maron, in the mail in the next week. The issue with your photographs will be published in June.

We do appreciate your participation in this activity. It was the first time we've done something like this. We hope you will spread the news that one of your photographs is going to be published in the award-winning North Carolina Literary Review and encourage your friends to subscribe. Here's a link to our subscription page that you can share with them:


North Carolina Literary Review

I am SO proud.  SO happy. 

Focusing on the good things that happen to us helps me remember that life is, indeed, very good.

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Vivian said...

Congratulations Kaye!