Saturday, May 5, 2018

From Inside My Book Fort - - "Lullaby Road" by James Anderson

Welcome to the Book Fort!

Today I'm reading from James Anderson's "Lullaby Road."

If you're a Meanderings and Muses regular, you already know this is one of my favorite authors.

I discovered his work quite by accident when I received a copy of his first Ben Jones novel, "The Never-Open Desert Diner," through

I think I requested it because of the title, but it took me all of maybe a paragraph or two to realize I had happened onto something quite special.

"Lullaby Road" is Mr. Anderson's second Ben Jones novel, and it too is pretty darn special.


(note:  for some reason, the final two minutes ended up in a separate little video, all it's own - why?    NO idea . . .)

This is the link to an interview with James Anderson at Poisoned Pen Books -

And -
Here's the trailer for Lullaby Road.  

It is simply and elegantly beautiful.   

Once you watch, you're never going to be able to resist reading the book -

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Lesa said...

I bet James Anderson never expected his novel set in the high Utah desert to be read in your sweet southern voice. Loved it!