Saturday, August 11, 2018

There comes a time . . .

We spend a lifetime collecting, and then the time comes to start letting some things (but not all things) go.

I decided it was time to go through my mom's jewelry.

We gave quite a bit away shortly after losing her  - -  to family members and to close friends.  And I think that would probably please her no end knowing that her "bling" was still getting out and about and having fun.

 While going through and choosing the pieces that I'm not ready to part with, I decided I may as well go through my own to see what I can set free.

Being a retired person who's happiest at home, I'm not in need of a lot of jewelry.  And a lot of jewelry is what I have here.  Both Mother's and my own.  We never saw anything sparkly that we didn't love.  

Just a couple of magpies - that's us.

And now, well, there's only so many pieces I can wear with my jammies while reading that I feel comfortable in . . .  


Time to part with some things.


Not so good. 




Artisan gallery.


Costume - both high end and low. 




Brooches and pins. 

By just posting this one picture of rings yesterday at Facebook, I realized they can move pretty fast.

I have a small stack of boxes set aside to go to the post office next week.


Here are a few pictures.

If you see anything here that interests you, send me a Facebook message or email me - barleykw  @  appstate  .  edu  and I'll tell you a little about it and do a bit of Google research to come up with a price

Rings for a starter - sizes 4 to 11.  My mom and I never believed in that "ring finger" thing.  If you've got a finger, it's suitable for a ring.

Ring Update - these are still for sale. Note: Nooooo those are not diamonds you see. CZs, crystals, white topaz, but no diamonds. Sorry . . .

Next up  -  earrings.

These on the wooden table are clip-ons or screw-ons.

More earrings - - 

these are for pierced ears.



Pins and Brooches.

Necklaces, pendants and beads.

There are several things shown here that are no longer available.  

I'm going to update the page, hopefully, today.

So, check back . . . 

And those of you who have bought things - Thank You!!



Lynn in Texas said...

Such a wonderful collection, Kaye! I need to hide my eyes! I've loved pretty accessories all my life, and my parents even called me "Stella Dallas" since I was about 4 or 5 yrs. old, and didn't know who that was. I should probably downsize my own bounty, some day soon. What's really hard is letting go of the especially sentimental pieces, esp. since David made a lot of my treasures, back when he was cutting stones and making jewelry. Good luck with this venture, you brave woman! xo

Profrayne said...

Kaye--are the pretty bows (brooch and earrings) still available?