Friday, September 14, 2018

Waiting for Hurricane Florence

Right now, it's another beautiful day in the NC mountains. 

Not knowing what's coming is scary and frustrating, of course. 

Seeing the destruction on the coast is heartbreaking. 

My heart goes out to the people who are losing their homes and all that that means. 

I hear people saying "your life and your family's safety is all that matters right now." 

While that is true, it's not the whole story. 

Those homes represent more than just the structure of a building. 

Those homes contain, in many cases, a lifetime of personal memories in photographs, in artwork and books, gifts given and received. 

Memories and dreams.

They may be "only things" to some, but to many they are much much more. 

And it's okay for us to mourn the "things" we love without feeling guilty.

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