Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Clean out dresser drawers - Find a treasure

Once upon a time, I was a rabid Braves fan. 

This was back in the day when they were still playing in the old OLD stadium. 

I was there even in the days when they couldn't win a game for trying. 

I would go with a group of girls two or three times a week and we would sit in the cheap seats. 

But because the games were televised, the security people would come get us and put us next to the dug out in the corporate seats when they weren't being used. 

My dad said he could keep count of how many beers I had during a game 'cause we were right there, front row, TV seats. 

We also got to know some of the players, their wives and partners. 

Today while cleaning out dresser drawers (Marie Kondo would be proud) I ran across this ball. 

It's not one of the stamped signature balls that you can buy, it's one that was hand signed. 

Some of the signatures include Dale Murphy, Phil Niekro, Joe Torre, Bob Gibson, Raphael Ramirez, Brett Butler, Gene Garber, Bob Watson. So cool.

AND I've ended up with some empty drawer space.

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