Wednesday, October 23, 2019

punks, clowns and thugs


Today a bunch of Republican congressional members barged into a meeting.  A meeting which was being held by other congressional members (INCLUDING Republicans) holding impeachment hearings.

In a room classified "SECRET," they barged in with their phones on live feed.

Republicans keep trying to get the rumor started that they're not being allowed into the hearings and have no idea what's going on.


How convenient (but WHY?) to forget 
47 Republican members of Congress do, in fact, sit on the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight committees, which are conducting the impeachment inquiries.

Intelligence and manners left out of the equation when it comes to electing Republican congressmen and women these days.

I'm old enough to remember with congressional members (of both parties) were gentlemen and statesmen. 

Or, at least that's the public face they showed the world, for the most part. 

The GOP is now not much more than clowns and thugs who have no sense of decorum, no respect for this country and its constitution, and appear to have been raised by barbarians. 

With bubba trump as their lord and master, they have exactly what they deserve. 

But the rest of us do not and I am tired of the constant pissing contests they're engaged in. 

We're the laughing stock of the rest of the world, when they're not concerned about the maniac who has access to nuclear codes. 

I'm tired of the daily drama and I am so ready for it all to end. 

I don't see it ending well, or peacefully but that's what happens, I guess, when you live in a country ruled by punks, clowns and thugs.

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Gram said...

Too sad, too true.