Wednesday, February 12, 2020

What else does one need in a room of one's own?


A pretty light fixture.

One that we unearthed while sorting boxes out here

and a handsome husband to hang it!

Well, he's handsome when he's in focus . . . 

And a cute little fluffy dog, of course.

And today I start a new project.

I'm excited.

I love doing collage work and I've spent a great deal of time thinking about this one.

Sometimes (make that, often), however, what I see in my mind doesn't necessarily translate into reality as I might hope.

But, oh well.

It's fun to do.  

Fun to try.

And interesting to see the final results.

If I can't go to Paris this year, I'll dream about it and build my own "Fantasy Paris"

We'll keep you posted!

More soon from my-little-upstairs-corner-tucked-away-outside-in-the-storage-building-otherwise-known-as-a-room-of-my-own.    

😊 💙 😊 💚 😊 💜 😊

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