Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day Musings

"Today is the day for remembering those who have given their lives to preserve our Nation in times of crisis. Remember those who died for people whom they could not know & would never get to meet, but because they were all Americans. Let us honor their ultimate sacrifice by making the small sacrifices that we can make for the sake of others, like wearing a face mask in public places and giving each other space. Let us do these things for people who we may not know, or ever meet, because we are all Americans, and we believe in something greater than ourselves." 
           - - -   Eric Rice


Right now.

We're living in a world wide pandemic.

Not one you're reading about in a book.

Not one that took place a long, long time ago.


Right now.

Nearly 100,000 dead in the United States.

347,587 world wide  - (from )

A pandemic.

And the smart things to do during a pandemic are:

1)  Stay home if you're able.

2)  Distancing.  Stay out of one another's personal space, and add some space to that. 

3)  Wear a mask when you go out.

4)  Show some respect.

And yet.

There are people who don't believe there's "really" a pandemic.  Who think all these deaths are "made up."  A "Democratic Hoax" (even though it's world-wide.  If the Democrats are smart enough to pull this off, how come we have a Republican in the White House?   never mind . . . )

And worse yet.

There are people gathering in huge numbers in restaurants, in swimming pools, on beaches, in "protests."  (Um, isn't a protest with people carrying guns actually "terrorism?"  Just my opinion . . . )

And EVEN worse - these ignorant people are spitting on the people who are choosing to wear masks.


We are a country out of control.

and I am sad.

I'm also mad as hell.

People gave their lives for this country.  

I don't know this for a fact, but I'm betting a lot of them would be laughing their asses off at these sissies who refuse to wear a mask.

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