Friday, June 5, 2020

This is a statement. 

It's not meant to start a conversation. 

In fact, I'll delete any comments. 

This is about how I feel. 

And it's about cops. 

Do I know there are good cops out there? 

Of course I do. 

But if I'm in trouble - say my car breaks down on one of these mountain roads, or any other sort of emergency that might happen during the course of normal life. 

Will I hope for help from police? 

Will I seek one out? 

Simple answer. 


I don't give two figs if the percentage of bad cops to good cops is 1 in 60 beezillion. 

That one is too many, and I will always, ALWAYS, be frightened that that's the one I'll run into. 

After watching that cop in Buffalo just casually shove a 75 year old man out of his way. 

Just flicked at him like he was a annoyance similar to a fly buzzing around his head. 

Shoved him. 

Didn't hesitate. 

Showed not one ounce of concern when the man fell and you could hear the crack of his head hitting the sidewalk. 

Showed not one ounce of concern while the man bled profusely from his ear, unconcious. 

And his comrads walked right by, they too apparently unconcerned and with no compassionate regard for a human life. 

This man was nothing to them. 

An annoyance. 

A human life. 

If that's how one cop can feel, if that's how one cop can act, that's more than enough for me. 

Our law enforcement system if broken. 

It's waited for a donald trump to give it permission to wear the riot gear that makes a small man feel strong. 


Bless his heart. 

In reality that man is nothing. 

No more than a thug, a punk. 

A stain on what should be an organization we all should feel like is covering our back. 

One of "The Helpers." 

Who do I go to now, Mr. Rogers?

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