Saturday, October 10, 2020

Come November

Twenty-Four days until the election.

In a show of positivity and support and belief in an upcoming Blue Wave in 24 days I have put a bottle of champagne in the fridge.

On election day in 2016 we were at Topsail Island.

There was a bottle of champagne in the fridge, and several sparklers we were going to light as we danced on the beach in front of our rental house.


Our hearts were broken.

Over the next four years those broken hearts have become more broken.

I  have, over the last four years, talked endlessly here about all the things I'm unhappy about.

But, I have also tried to do some things to keep myself sane and on an even keel.

And to hold onto my joy.

It's become harder now that we're living in a pandemic.

A global pandemic our "leader" has made worse by downplaying and lying.

Yesterday Donald and Annabelle and I went into town to pick up our mail.

Our normal outings to shop, have our hair cut, keep our dental appointments, meet up with friends for lunch or dinner, go out of town for a concert, spend a week at the beach, get on a plane to travel, or celebrate a personal occasion with dinner out, have all come to a total standstill and yesterday it hit me fairly hard.

The town we live in is not a terrific place to be living right now in terms of COVID

And all I want is to put on some make-up, fluff up my hair, put on a cute outfit, some pretty jewelry and go out for a nice dinner with my husband.

Would I actually feel comfortable eating in a restaurant these days?

Absolutely not.


We're at home and continuing doing small things that make us happy and keep us sane.

Today I streaked my hair with Overtone Rose Gold coloring conditioner.

Some days it's just the little things.

Like rose gold streaks in my hair.

and stepping onto the back deck to see the pretty red and gold leaves.

and hoping to enjoy that bottle of champagne come November.

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Gram said...

We all hope to enjoy a bottle of our choice in November! Not like 4 years ago.