Saturday, November 28, 2020

Christmas Shopping in France

Like many of you who are missing being able to travel this year, I've been doing a lot of "armchair" traveling.

Back in September I put together a list of blogs having to do with "all things Parisian."

Several of these bloggers have put together wonderful Christmas shopping lists for French items for gifting those on your Christmas list, or for yourself.

I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you.

Don't miss Landen Kerr's list of 32 Gifts for Francophiles (especially the Fantasy Gifts - ooh la la!).

How very cool to have a bench in Jardin des Tuileries engraved with your name!

Landen also has a fun piece about French Christmas Ornaments available on line.

David Lebovitz has a comprehensive gift guide bringing France right to your front door.  From food and wine of all sorts, on-line cooking classes, tools and dishes for your kitchen, home accessories (including some from antiques shops or brocantes, and the best French skin care products.

Lost in Cheeseland's French inspired gift guide includes books, foodie gifts, paper goods, and experiences.

French inspired Gifts from HiP Paris include books, soaps, Parisian watercolors, clothing, and gift boxes.

Rebecca Plotnick is a talented photographer who sells her prints at her Every Day Parisian blog, along with her shop at Etsy.  I have a few of her Paris prints and hope to have more to add to my Wall of Paris photos.  She also has a fun Francophile Gift Guide.  Do check it out!

Messy Nessy, the author of the must-have book, Don't Be a Tourist of Pari (along with her new Don't be a Tourist in New York City), gives us her own unique gift guide.

Paris for Dreamers shares her Ten Ways to Parisfy Your Life gift guide.   What do I have to have from this list?  Oh my.  A few Parisian miniatures from J. Carlton. 

Salut From Paris has a full Paris themed gift guide featuring 75 fun gifts including tea, candles, art, suggestions for books, wine, travel guides, etc etc etc

There are more Paris blogs included in my Armchair Travel piece.  Each have something special to offer, so do take a look when you have that wanderlust urge. 

And don't forget - if it's books you have in mind, there's always my Paris Reading List for you.  

AND - Donald and I think Carousels of Paris might make a nice Christmas gift also.  

Bon shopping!!!