Saturday, March 20, 2021

That Sunday Project continues


Paris books are now where they should be.  It makes me happy having them in the bedroom.  The bedroom is my favorite place to read, so it makes sense, to me, to have favorite books close by.

Books on writing are boxed up and ready to go . . . somewhere.

A box of books is ready to go to town to be divided among several local Little Free Libraries, including one which is a boy scout project - I love that!

A few books may go the our booth in the antique mall.

Next step in The Sunday Project is sorting through an overflowing box of books in the sunroom.

This box was, initially, my To Be Read pile. 

 It's morphed beyond reasonable.  

My plan is to sort, start over with my To Be Read pile, decide what stays, and what goes.  

Where they go will be a be a whole nother matter to consider.  But I just feel like it's time to give some of these books a new home.

I'm being a lot more careful with bringing so many into the house these days.

And, this will surprise some people, but I actually prefer some novels now be on my Kindle.  It's become my preferred way to read.  (Now, now - don't judge).

I have a weakness for big beautiful (and small beautiful!) coffee table books full of irresistible photography; I will continue collecting those, along with fun pop-up books.  

And I will continue keeping and collecting books by a few favorite authors.

There are many books here that I will never part with.

But some have served their purpose and it's time for them to go.

I won't know which they are until I see them.  This is a Sunday Project which will likely take years to complete.

Because we have these shelves in the sunroom . . .

Then this little section in the living room.

Then this shelf in the stairwell.

Eventually we'll get to the downstairs . . .

Stay tuned!


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