Monday, August 16, 2021

Feeling let down by my community

 My annual Wellness Appointment is coming up so I went into town to have my blood work done ahead of time.  Loud and sincere applause for employees and patients at Greenway Medical Center who were 100% masked.  Thank you.

Stopped by and picked up my grocery order at Lowe's Foods.  While waiting curbside it appeared that employees coming and going were masked, but not all shoppers.

We don't really spend a lot of money for things other than necessities (like books!), but what we are buying now, more than ever, is being bought on-line.  

The Town of Boone has a mask mandate in force, but many in the business community don't appear to really care.  

Many shops, grocery stores, and restaurants have said they really can't enforce the mandate. 

I don't understand that.

 If some can, and DO, why can't the rest of them?  

Because they don't care.

Okay. Fine.

I will spend my money elsewhere, except for perishables from the grocery store, gas for our car and that sort of thing. 

Am I going to feel guilty?  No.  Sad maybe, but not guilty.

Why should I care, if they don't care?

Several things ordered recently include new jeans (for me and for Don), a few teeshirts, a new dress, new underwear, make-up, skin care products, vitamins, sun screen, new sheets, new towels, shampoo and conditioner, nail polish, some dahlias.  A few hundred dollars.

Not a huge amount of money, but money that would have been spent here if I felt like the community was pulling together and trying to do its share keeping its citizens, friends and neighbors healthy.

I know there will be some local folks who aren't going to like or agree with my little personal protest, but you know what?  I do not care.  Maybe what I'm doing actually shows more care, concern, and respect for your health, and your  children's health, than some of the businesses you're feeling loyal to.

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Gram said...

I will never understand why - except for medical reasons - people object to the vaccine and the masks. Do they like feeling responsible for others ill health and death (as a certain orange haired politician did)...