Friday, September 3, 2021

Is Appalachian State University a Good Neighbor?


Not in my opinion.

This is how much Appalachian State University loves us all.  They're having a concert.  A concert for 32,000 people.  Oh, maybe they actually love the money they'll be making from this concert.  A concert for 32,000 people.  Won't it be interesting to see pictures so we can see if all 32,000 people are masked?  Hahahahaha sure that's gonna happen.  I had a doctor's appointment that had me driving through The Town of Boone yesterday. It was a gorgeous day.  Lots of people shopping on King Street. Lots of tourists; families with kids. Masks?  Hahahahaha sure, as if.  Mask mandate?  Hahahaha sure, uh huh.  Let's see how many people are laughing within a few days of this COVID super spreader concert for 32,000 people. Anti-maskers and Anti-vaxxers, I wish I felt some sympathy for you, but you are too ignorant for me to waste my time on.  I'll save my sympathy for the children you're making sick or possibly killing with your stupidity and selfishness.  Enjoy the concert.


Gram said...

How sad. I still do not understand these people.

Lesa said...

Kaye, I loved watching the Ohio State/Minnesota football game on Thursday night, but I still would have watched it if there hadn't been a crowd. The football players and staff, because they attend or are employed by Ohio State, are required to be vaccinated. But, I didn't see one mask in that packed Minnesota stadium. I emailed Linda and said, "Oh, I see the pandemic is over in Minnesota." She knew what I meant, and texted back, "No masks."

Geez, Kaye. I know what you mean.