Saturday, March 26, 2022

Losing weight is hard


Damn right it is.

Anyone who has tried knows the struggle.

And anyone who has done it, only to have the pounds creep back (like me) knows how frustrating and depressing it can be.

I was a skinny little kid.

A skinny adolescent.

A skinny teen.

A skinny college girl.

A skinny bride (three times).

Until all of a sudden, toward the end of my '40s,  all those years of eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, came to a crashing end.

Because I had never counted a calorie or worried about a carb I truly had no clue about what I needed to do.

And so began my years of off and on dieting.

Name a diet, I have done it.

And they worked.   Every single one of them.

Until I stopped the diet and went right back to what I had done for more than half my life - eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

And then, almost always, the diet cycle is triggered by a picture taken of me that clearly lets me know I need to lose a few (or more than a few) pounds.

And so goes the cycle.

This time it was a photo or two taken at Topsail Island last September.

What can I say.

I like to eat.

I love good food.

I love junk food.

I have an appetite that rivals the biggest truck driver you've ever seen.

Food is how I celebrate any and all occasions - even the ones I make up.

Feeding friends around our table is one of my greatest pleasures.

Having to stifle all that somewhat just pisses me off.

But, ya do whatcha gotta do.

And I have a favorite pair of jeans that I'm itching to get back into . . .  


Between September 19, 2021 and today, March 26, 2022, I have lost 20 pounds, with more to go.

Slowly.  Very slowly.

But fairly steady.

Some weeks I might lose a half a pound.  Some weeks I might gain two pounds.

But 20 pounds lost is 20 pounds lost.

It's a win.

This time I'm simply keeping a daily log at .   There are two versions, a free version which is what I'm using, and an upgraded version with some bells and whistles which you can pay for.

And I'm logging in every single bite, every single calorie.  If I go over my calorie allotment for the day, which, of course is going to happen, I try to do better the next day.  If I have a not so great week, I move on, put it behind me and keep my goal in mind.  Those favorite jeans I want to get back into.

Will I be successful in keeping the weight off this time?

Hell, I don't know, but why jinx it??

Just lose the damn weight.  

Those are the words I'm saying to myself these days - "Just lose the damn weight."

I have not cut one thing out of my diet.  I just don't have certain things as often as I'd like.  

When I have ice cream, I have a smaller serving and I log the calories.

And I look at some before and after pics.

Am I ever going to be that skinny girl again?


But I'm damn sure gonna be the woman I want to be.  Wearing a favorite pair of jeans with my cowboy boots.

Yeehaw, honey.

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