Sunday, July 3, 2022

July 4th at our house

Thanks to what has become a politicized and scary supreme court

Want to help fight against the move backwards?

Here's just one way - 

The Bitter Southener will donate a portion of sales to help:

‘Power To The Women’ is back AND we now have Hell Hath No Fury & Power To The Women #flags. 

These are our products that help you raise your voice and all of us raise money for abortion funds across the South. $5 dollars from both shirts and these two flags ($5 from each shirt & flag sold) goes to funds and organizations doing vital vital work. 

Right now we are raising money for Kentucky Health Justice Network, New Orleans Abortion Fund, Sister Reach Memphis, Texas Equal Access Fund, and Missouri Abortion Fund, ALL IN TRIGGER STATES where restrictive laws went into effect one week ago today. 

Link to all these products here: 


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Kathy Reel said...

Thanks, Kaye. I'll be buying these.