Sunday, September 4, 2022

Sorting and Organizing

After having Bettina and Riley from Clean Mountain Escapes here to do some major deep cleaning, the house looked so nice, and felt so good that we were inspired to do some much needed sorting, purging, and organizing.

I started with my dresser.

Sweaters were sorted, and many found their way to Goodwill.

Underwear and Tees and socks and leggings and tights.

Dumped out of the drawers onto the bed for sorting.

And i ended up with a trash bag full of stuff to toss.

What stays got nicely sorted into drawer organizers I ordered from Amazon.  What took me so long to find and use these wonderful items??  I love them!

One of the things i found appealing about this little house when we bought it back in 1996 was that it had cute little built in features that initially charmed me.

It didn't take long for me to realize that charm was superficial, and their actual capacity as useful space was . . . minimal.

I cannot even express how much i hate my closets.

For those interested and curious, Donald has his own closet.  Bigger.  Better.

AND his own bathroom.

Take those two statements as part if our testimony about what helps make a good marriage.


The great sort, purge, and organizing efforts continue.

Bags and totes.  TOO MANY!

One thing for sure.  These favorite well-loved bags are going nowhere.  ❤

Charming, useless, wasted space is going to be converted to something much more efficient.

Don Barley is on it.  

In the meantime, the sunroom is going to be a wreck.  ( sigh)

Oh, well.

You do what ya gotta do to get things done.


And VOILĂ€!  

Some semblance of a decent and efficient use of space!


But wait.

Maybe not.

Let's study this  little more . . .

And start over.

And while we're at it, we should add some insulation up here in the attic . . .

And since things in our bedroom are in such disarray, how 'bout i empty out this little space that is also in need of sorting, purging and organizing.

This is how things stand today.

And will stand for the near future.

A small new dresser will be moving in (along with some more of those marvie little organizers from Amazon).

Insulation and all the tools that will accompany that job will be moving in.

Things will, eventually, be back to normal and better than it was.

In the meantime, the sunroom is a room to be ignored and forgotten.


You know what?

Life is good.  ❤❤❤

I would not trade places with anyone.


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Kathy Reel said...

Your sorting and organizing are inspiring, Kaye. Now to go from inspiration to actually doing something. I'm just not sure where to start.